About the study

ADDITION-DK includes randomised studies comparing routine treatment with more intensive treatment and cohort follow-up studies, and a total of 175 practices from five Danish regions participate in the study.

All 163,189 patients aged 40-69 years listed with these practices were invited to take part in a stepwise screening programme for diabetes. The first step was to complete a score questionnaire. People with a high screening score (indicating increased risk of type 2 diabetes) were requested to consult their general practitioner. Almost 28,000 people consulted their general practitioner and had blood samples taken.

Results from the study

  • Mortality rates at the same level as the background population: Link to paper.
  • Higher mortality among people with lower than higher HbA1c at screening: Link to paper. 
  • Variation in prescribing of lipid-lowering medication is associated with incidence of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality: Link to paper
  • Higher risk of cardiovascular disease and death in diabetics with poor mental health: Link to paper
  • No social inequality in obtaining treatment goals for HbA1c, cholesterol and blood pressure: Link to paper
  • Neuropathy –despite of early detection of diabetes: Link to paper.